Personal Services:

Local Services

Between the PTA meetings, the soccer practice, the ballet recital…and sleep (what’s that?!) there are just not enough hours in the day. We’ve worked 40-plus hours a week. We’ve raised kids. We get it. If you need to get some things off your to-do list, simply call your neighbors Roger and Sandy to help out. Below is a list of things we are happy to do for you:

  • Drop Off/Pick Up Prescriptions, Dry Cleaning, Post Office Supplies, Party Supplies, Jewelry Repair
  • While You’re Away Services:
    • Bring in your mail/paper
    • Adjust lights
    • Take trash to curb
    • Interior and exterior walk-around
    • Water plants, flowers, grass
    • Inspect air/heating/alarm systems
    • Sweep front porch and stairs
    • Check appliances for proper operation
    • Check for water leaks

Seasonal Resident Services

  • We will make your home ready for you to enjoy! Arrive at your North Carolina home and be ready to enjoy your time in the mountains. No need to postpone your relaxation with homeowner chores. Roger and Sandy will take care of your home away from home.
  • Arrange to have your home cleaned prior to your arrival
  • Pick up groceries and other essentials
  • Leave fresh flowers on the table

Baking Services

Did you think we were kidding about the homemade cookies? We can bake and deliver a dozen cookies or bake you a cookie cake. Forgot the bake sale? Classroom party? In our State Inspected Kitchen we can bake a variety of cookies, sweet rolls and yeast breads like your grandmother used to… we’ll even deliver it right to your home, college student or shut in friend. Roger can meet you at the back door. Your mother-in-law will never know!

"It was such a pleasure to find you waiting for me at the airport (and a savings) and not have to drive home. Thanks again for being so flexible." JB

"Wow, you are amazing at your job! You have gone way above & beyond, thank you, thank you so much!" VB

"Whether depositing a cheque at my Bank, looking after maintenance of my house or steering a 1968 Mustang into a trailer, Roger is always up to the task.  Roger is a pleasure to do business with.” PD

"Roger coordinated all renovations of the vacation home we purchased in 2013.  Living 2 hours away we relied on his great communication.  We still use Roger for all ongoing care.  We couldn't manage it without him! " TY

Roger and Sandy are very honest and trustworthy. You will be taken very good care of. They will see that you get to where you need to go. Roger is a genuine gentleman. He is always on time and always so pleasant." EH